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From a young age, I've been passionate about photography, visual arts, film-making, storytelling, charity work, and spreading positivity. My inspiration stems from the small details in my life, nature, human stories, and cherished memories.

My diverse educational journey led me to pursue a B.A. in Visual Arts - Multimedia Design, during which I actively engaged in workshops, training courses, and art exhibitions to develop my career, particularly in photography. I also served on the Student Union during my last year, it was a valuable experience.

My dedication to my field led to training opportunities at Sira Film Production, The University of Jordan Broadcasting, and membership in The Union of Arab Photographers/Jordan.

Following my intuition, I Got my M.A. in Journalism and Digital Media from Jordan Media Institute (JMI) in 2022, Furthermore, I got my A.A. in Ceramic Art from The Institute of Fine Arts - The Jordanian Ministry of Culture.

And now I am Overseeing Jordan Radio & Television Corporation's social media and OTT platforms at Jordan Media City. Lead a 14-member team managing content, social media pages, and OTT content.

I love what I do and what I did. Growing up focused on the things I do with love and passion has enabled me to put my prospects in their proper context.

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Aya Ahmad Al-Omoush - Digital Platform Supervisor | Jordan Media City.

TOEIC® Test Certificate 2023 | The Equivalent Exam for The English language - University of Jordan, Certificate 2021
M.A. in Journalism & Digital Media, Jordan Media Institute - University of Jordan. 2021/2022.
A.A in Ceramic Art, Institute of Fine Arts - Jordanian Ministry of Culture. 2021/2022​​​​​​. 
B.A. in Visual Arts, Multimedia Design - University of Jordan 2016-2020 .
High School in Information Technology - 2016

Aya Al-Omoush CV 2024.pdf


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Ended the Yearly Amideast program "English for Journalism" & passed the TOEIC® “Test of English for International Communication”.
held by Amideast in collaboration with the American embassy in Jordan.

Got The Training of Trainers (TOT) in Media Information Literacy (MIL) | Official trainer at DW Akademie in MIL. Dec 2022
held by the Jordan Media Institute in Coordination with the DW Akademie.

"Difference with one suffering." My A.A Graduation project from The Institue of Fine art - Ceramic Art. Nov, 2022
1 meter wide and 15 weighs 15 kg. Electric wheel. The project is available at The Institue of Fine art

Defined The M.A. Graduation Project  Concerning: A Multimedia Journalistic Report on Touristic services in Jordan - JMI

The project is available on jmidigitalmedia website.

Participated in The Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut (MDLAB 2022) at Lebanese American University, The Institute of
Media Reasearch and Training - Beirut, Lebanon Representing The Jordan Media Institute - JMI 

Petra 1, Petra 2
Ref: mdlab@lau.edu.lb || jmelki2000@gmail.com

Participant in a workshop organized by the JMI in cooperation with the Jordan Center for Disease control. May 2022

 The workshop dealt with the impact of climate change on public health, that aimed to train journalists on dealing with public health issues in press and media coverage.

Had an Audience with H.R.H Princess Rym Al-Ali in JMI in which we discussed the correlation between Multimedia design and Journalism and Modern Media. May 2022 


photographer (Member) at Union of Arab Photographers - Jordan,  Since 2017 - to present

Ref: https://www.facebook.com/soqrat.qahoush.3 || tareq.hadi@gmail.com 

Art Teacher at  Rayhan Islamic School (online) - Texas, USA (worked in summer camp). June 2021

(teaching drawing for children ages between 6-12 years old). 

Jordan University broadcasting - 2019/2020 (Trained as a field reporter, voice-over)

Ref: http://jufm.ju.edu.jo/  ||  jufm94.9@gmail.com

Participated in Minimalism Art Gallery - School of Arts & Design - University of Jordan. 2019/2020
participated in three photography artworks

Ref: I.khateeb@ju.edu.jo || cad.diwan@ju.edu.jo

 Worked in Zedni network for Education from 2014 to 2017.

(Arabic content creator for the social media platforms)

Ref: http://www.zedni.com/ || talabah@zedni.com